Vault.TF is being completely rebuilt!

Keep reading to learn more and find contact information.

Whats Happening?

As many of you know; Vault has been going downhill getting laggier and less reliable for a while now.
About a week ago the bots finally 'died'.
Their code is very old and now the Steam API has changed to the point that they can no longer login.
To be honest that original code was hot garbage even when it was being written.
I'm embarrased to have written something so bad.
I'm ashamed that I've been so distant from the site for so long.
I'm sure many of you felt it was going downhill, or that it was just dead and had given up on it completely.


I started rewriting the code for the backend and frontend of the site sometime around 2 years ago but work was spontaneous.
Now that the bots suddenly died;
I am going to dedicate as much time as I can to finish linking the new code together, which is mostly already written, and get the site back to a functioning state!
Although I started rewriting the code a while back, the work to rewrite it all was so daunting that I kept losing motivation.
None of the new systems are compatible with the old ones.
So I couldnt just incrementally upgrade the site, which caused me to just feel like nothing was getting done.
But still I always wanted Vault to grow into an active multi-game trading community.
Maybe now it's finally time for it to happen?

The Future

As you can already see, the site looks very different.
This is true for literally every part of the site. You cannot access any other pages yet, I just needed to be able to put up a message and let people know whats going on.
I do plan on the site coming back (soon), and when it does it will be better then ever!
I can already promise it will be better then ever because the code thats written already is.
The issue is that I haven't finished the network through which all the bots and services communicate with one another.
The new site is already leaps and bounds faster than the old one.
The new bots should be way more stable too.
Let's go over what users can expect moving forward!

What to Expect

  • XP WILL transfer over to the new site, I already have it done.
  • Prices will be more accurate and likely also more fair.
  • The bots will be much more stable.
  • The site will finally start trading other items in the future (in addition to killstreak stuff).
  • We will eventually start getting staff members, which will bring even more site stability!

Vault will need some help

The domain is expiring soon, in december, and tbh I don't have the money to pay for it (it's $50 USD).
If you would like to donate money toward keeping the domain name renewed you can send money via my paypal
If you DO donate then rest assured that 100% of your donation will be used for renewing the domain name.
If you make a donation; put a link to your steam profile, or just your steamid, in the message of the donation and I'll give you a special donator status on the site which will change your user nameplate (which everyone sees), as well as a donation level for every dollar you gave!
Note: I'm not trying to sell some cheap trick with user levels or anything, I just want to reward anyone who gives and this is the best I can do.

If you cannot or don't want to donate but would like to help then simply spread the word! Tell everyone you can who might be interested!
An effective way to spread the word is to put '' at the end of your name and just go ruin kids on badwater, specifically badwater though, no other maps work...


Here's the part where I try to open up to strangers on the internet who are probably my customers.
I'm a huge recluse, I get stressed pretty easily and tend to kind of shutdown when I do.
However; If Vault is going to survive, then I need to have a place where people can actually contact me where I will see it.
So; if you need to contact me, ask for help with the site, give me encouragement, ask a question, or wanna show your support.

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